PRAYER: Lord allow us to recognize the thorns of frustration, irritation, and annoyance. Allow us to no longer be one with these emotions but allow us to be one with Your grace.

VERSE OF THE DAY: Proverbs 12:16

You wake up one morning and everything wrong in life that you could possibly think could happen, simply happens. As the day goes on you become more and more frustrated, irritated, and annoyed. It seems that by the end of the day you have declared that if one more thing happens to you then you are going to scream. People get frustrated, irritated, and annoyed everyday, but there are some of us who will admit that out of no where these emotions surface but they surface to the extreme. It gets to a point where we are asking God to give us clarity and insight on being able to identify what makes these negative emotions surface.

God has His own way of dealing with these so called thorns in our sides. He lets us know that His grace is made sufficient for us (2 Corinthians 12:8-9). Of course, while we are in these emotions we don’t want to hear anything about Gods grace. We want God to remove the thorn in our side instead. We have allowed throughout the years frustration, irritation, and annoyance to become one with us as if we are married to them spiritually. God wants us to be able to identify and discern when these emotions occur. He no longer desires for these emotions to get the best of you. Instead, He desires for you to be in relationship with His grace. Be encouraged today knowing that Gods grace is your covering. He may not remove the thorn in your side but His grace will cover you.

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