PRAYER: Lord be our wellspring of living water in a dry and parched desert place. Overflow our lives with blessings as we stay true to Your word. Let us lack no more!


There are times when our hearts are like a desert. We are parched with thirst from pouring out to others and giving more and more of ourselves. It is important that we remain grounded and rooted in the word of God, for His word is a wellspring of living water. When you read and study the word of God the wellspring within you will begin to flow. You will begin to feel refreshed, purified and cleansed, as well as, restored. No longer will your life be apart of a thirsty, dry, unsustainable desert, but you will begin to to overflow with blessings. No longer will lack be your testimony. Be encouraged as you begin to overflow through the true and living word of God. It’s time to restore and refresh your DESERT PLACE.

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