PRAYER: Lord teach us the Lord’s Prayer that we may forgive others as you forgave us. Help us to forget and give others a blank slate. Help us to move forward in You.

VERSE OF THE DAY: Matthew 6:9-13

What do you do when you are wronged and mistreated? There will be times when you feel wronged by someone. It is important that you first recognize your hurts so that you are able to forgive. Forgiveness is what God does when we have wronged Him by committing a sin. Doing something that God deliberately told us not to do, this calls for repentance. Next, we must learn how to forget. We must forget in a sense of giving someone a blank slate and a chance to begin again. If our God in heaven can give us a blank slate every time we wrong or mistreat Him, then we too must be willing to forgive and forget. Lastly, we must move forward. We cannot keep holding on to grudges, hurt, anger, and pain. We must move forward from these things knowing that God is our Ultimate Healer. When we hold on to these emotions they eat away at the core of our souls causing resentment and bitterness. Letting  it go, even though it’s challenging, and moving forward may also mean you need prayer. I encourage you to read the Lord’s Prayer and practice rehearsing this daily. You will find that these words have both meaning and truth. Be encouraged, set free, and be delivered from the wrongs and mistreatment of others.

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