PRAYER: Lord send us friends who will STAND BY us through it all. Send us and build up friends who will keep it real with us and who desire to see us prosper in and through You.

VERSE OF THE DAY: Proverbs 18:24

There will be times when you may reach a low point or a dark moment in your life. You must have someone in your corner who you can rely on that will motivate you, help you reactivate your gift, and push you into your destiny. Good friends are truly hard to find. Keep in your space the type of friends who encourage you, inspire you, and assist you where needed. Know that everyone who calls you friend is not always your friend. There is a difference from having your friend tell you the truth about yourself and someone who constantly puts you down. None of your friends should have anything negative to say about your style, the way you dress, the way you handle your life, your family (even when they are a little strange or just plain crazy), or your other friends. God selected your family but you have the right to choose your friends. Choose them carefully and wisely. 

I’m not talking about speaking the truth about them talking to much or always showing up late. I’m talking about down right cruel and mean just for no apparent reason. I’m not talking about constructive criticism and things that can be worked on. I’m not talking about being sensitive but honest in the mist of dysfunction. There are some that live and thrive to see you fail. They never have anything good to say about you or anyone else because they don’t have anything good going for themselves. They are not even trying to enhance their situation in any way but desire to destroy what little hope or dreams you may have. Stand clear of these type of people. They mean you no good. Instead, find those who will cheer you on to the finish line, celebrate with you in your victories, and encourage you in your downfalls. These are true friends who should always stay in your corner. These friends will always STAND BY you through the good, the bad, and the ugly. Keep these friends in your space!

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