PRAYER: Lord give us a heart like Christ through the pain, hurt, and disappointment. Help us to maintain our focus on our gifts/talents.

VERSE OF THE DAY: Matthew 12:48-49

The hardest thing to ever endure is persecution. Christ died for us but there were so many days that He suffered within His heart. He was mocked, criticized, critiqued, abused, and mistreated. So often we too can face the same things unintentionally and intentionally. It’s not about what is stated or said about you. It’s about how you handle and carry yourself in the eyes of many. Christ was up against many battles and so much opposition. He faced it head on through His parables, teachings, and with His miracles. He decided to love despite of the hatred and being ridiculed. He decided to stand firm on His foundation and platform in which His Heavenly Father provided for Him. 

Despite the animosity that went on within His own household. You remember Christ didn’t have the best relationship with His earthly father and as a result His connection with His earthly mother was disassembled as He stated, “Who is my mother? Who is my brothers?” (Matthew 12:48). Christ still held the position that He believed in. He still did ministry from His heart. He didn’t let anyone stop Him from fulfilling on this earth what He was called to do. Be encouraged as you do what it is you are called to do. Don’t allow people or your family stand in the way of what God is doing in and through your life. Follow the heart of Christ knowing that all things are working for your good. Stay focused on what you love and enjoy doing just like Christ did.

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