PRAYER: Lord allow us to step into our new chapters with confidence that you’ve entrusted us with more because it is what we can handle.

VERSE OF THE DAY: Luke 12:48

Juggling a lot of responsibilities can be tough. As well as being in two places at one time. Now a days with the assistance of technology it is very doable. It saves so much time, effort, energy, and money. When your life consist of being on the go we must always pause and thank God for where we are in and through Him. We must ask Him to help us through our day and to go before us protecting us from dangers seen and unseen. We must appreciate how God is with us every step of the way.

God loves you enough to place what He requires from you in your hands. Trust that He knows what He is doing. Trust that God will hold your hand through it all as you embark upon your new journey and new chapters in life. Things may change but only for the better. Trust and believe that God has you covered. He is going to take you into places you have never been before. Trust and believe as you pack away the old things and enter into the new. Although it may seem like much is on your plate, do know that you can handle it! TAKE FLIGHT.

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