PRAYER: Lord take our weaknesses and give us Your strength. Allow our ears and hearts to hear the Voice of Truth. Make us strong through Christ in order to survive.

VERSE OF THE DAY: Romans 8:26, Matthew 22:14

Charles Darwin wrote several theories during his time. One theory that majority of us would say has some truth is Darwin’s Natural Selection theory. He wrote within the Natural Selection theory that evolutionary change comes from variations of an organisms environment which then causes genomes to mutate. In the process of this mutation it is passed down to the organisms offspring allowing the offspring to have various traits. These factors allow the organism to reproduce stronger offspring than some of the other organisms. Allowing the organism a better chance of survival. These survival factors are based upon environment, species, and the population. Now, in order to make a long story short concerning Darwin’s theory, only the strong survive. 

We all face life’s challenges and circumstances. How do you go about finding the strength that you need to handle you circumstances? How do you become strong when you feel weak within your own society (population)? While Darwinism is an amazing theory to consider their is a historical truth that cannot be denied. This truth appears within “The Gospels” (New Testament) of Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John. This Voice of Truth has a different story to tell. It speaks about a man who was no different then you and I. He traveled from city to city proclaiming what we now call the “Good News”. He healed the sick, fed the hungry, and opened the eyes of the blind. He helped the weak survive. He blessed those who appeared weak while He was here within the earth. (Notice, how I said appeared weak because weakness is a state of mind. It is faith that made them whole).   

While the Darwinism evolution theory was great, this man named Jesus Christ created a revolution within the earth that has marked history. He left behind stories, teachings, and testimonies within some of the greatest writings ever known within the New Testament. He not only left behind His stories, teachings, and testimonies but He left behind His spirit, the “Holy Spirit” which gives us a spiritual genome to withstand the wiles of the adversary. It is in Christ that not only you can find your strength and survive but your offsprings can find strength in Him and survive the perils of life too. How? Through GOD’S NATURAL SELECTION. “Many are called but few are chosen” (Matthew 22:14).  

I encourage you to explore science and explore spirituality. Understand their differences and their similarities. Know that you are apart of GOD’S NATURAL SELECTION. Know your weaknesses and in Christ find your strength. Know that weakness is a choice, a mental state that if not careful can cripple you. The power to gain strength already lies with you through the “Holy Spirit” who is your strength when you are weak. Remind yourself that you are apart of GOD’S NATURAL SELECTION and only the strong survive and it’s through Christ you are made strong.

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