PRAYER: Lord allow us the strength to face the challenges. Answer our prayers. Guide our hearts and our minds during this time.

VERSE OF THE DAY: Isaiah 41:10

There will be times when people just don’t understand the challenges you are up against. There will be times when you find yourself facing opposition. That is not the time for you to have a nervous break down. Instead this is the most critical time where prayer should be involved. All odds may look and be stacked against you. Don’t give up and don’t give in.

How often do you face people who have an attitude with you? How often do you find your attitude is on account of something someone did or said to you? Why do we give such people and things power and attention in areas that won’t be necessary? Before long you will have to learn how to let things go. Don’t let life pass you by dwelling on people and things who mean you no good. Instead meditate on the things that are honoring and pleasing to God. It is then that He will reward you for all of your hard work in staying diligent and faithful towards Him.

So I encourage you to not allow people to discourage you. Do not get distracted by opposition but pray through what is and may seem difficult. Know that God is with you every step of the way. Just because it is  hard don’t give up. Take time to find out ways to do the task better and how to be more effective. Keep your focus and know that you were called for a time such as this.

“This is dedicated to every parent, guardian, care giver who handles those with mental challenges and disabilities. Be encouraged, continue to pray, and know God is with you and He sees your tears and silent cries. You can do this, God called you to be their earthly angel.”

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