PRAYER: Lord despite of how we feel allow us to accomplish the visions and dreams that you have given to us. Catapult us into our destiny. Allow us to reach our goals and accomplishments in and through you.

VERSE OF THE DAY: Psalm 138:8

There will be times when you feel so drained and so weak. It could be from you being sick and coming down with something to you being overworked and under appreciated. Don’t get discouraged and don’t lose hope now. You are reaching a brinking point that will catapult you into your destiny. If you just hold out and hang on God is going to shoot you beyond the clouds and the stars in the sky.

There are no limits in this life. You are able to soar and do just about anything that you set your heart and mind towards. Staying focused on the dreams and visions that are within your heart, for it is of importance. Although you maybe drained and desire to give up, DON’T! You have too much potential within you. You must recognize that feeling drained is a sign that you have put in work. This means that you have to give yourself a break. A break and a time to really think things through and reflect on how far along you have come.

So I encourage you today to KEEP AT IT. Don’t stop now. Never give up. You are almost at a place where God desires to reveal more of Himself to you. Continue to be open minded and optimistic about your outcome. Change if you need to obtain better results. Continue to trust that God will be your strength when you are feeling weak. He will step right in and propel you a lot further along than you anticipated. Be encouraged today and remember to KEEP AT IT!



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