PRAYER: Lord teach us how to have modesty in our character. Allow our hearts to reflect You. Make us good leaders of You.

VERSE OF THE DAY: 1 Timothy 2:9-10
Being modest seems so old fashion to our generation. Being quiet sounds even more unrealistic to the 21 Century Woman. Simply looking at this makes you wonder what makes a woman modest in today’s time. Wearing sheep’s wool during the spring and summer time is not going to cut it. 

Being modest is more than just being mindful of your clothing and attire. It does not mean you have to look and dress with no sense of style or look as if you hit up a shopping spree in your grandma’s wardrobe. Modesty is a character trait. It involves conducting yourself and the way that you speak in a manner that is accepting in Gods sight. As a leader you must also conduct yourself according to societal and cultural norms from a professional aspect. You can’t wear your purple, blue, and yellow hair, with big hoop earrings, long fingernails, baggy pants, untied sneakers, boxers out, several piercings and tattoos, with foul language and call yourself modest. 

Is it wrong to be creative and express yourself? Absolutely Not. What made all of those things not fit into the category of modesty was the foul language. Taming of the tongue is just as important. You are entitled to do whatever you desire to do in your life, but don’t be surprised when your not taken seriously or consequences arise. Expressing yourself is not considered a bad thing according to our cultural norms, and is generally encouraged. In fact it is encouraged that one be different from the next. Some go over the top and others not so much.

In being different you are expected to leave an impression. Modesty is about how you react in situations. It’s your behavior and your attitude. It’s not what you wear or put on its the matters of the heart that leave that impression. You don’t have to be anyone you are not but I do believe if you want to be taken seriously then you must dress the part. You must use modesty to understand your position. If you don’t know your position know your role as a leader. Understand that a true leader cannot be taken seriously if they don’t look the part and don’t look as if they don’t know what they are talking about. And please be sure you know what your talking about. Don’t embarrass yourself or others with meaningless chatter. That’s where being quiet falls into play.

So I encourage you to explore the characteristic traits of being modest in the 21st Century. Ask yourself do you meet the criteria. Are you a reflection of Christ when people see you? Can you be taken seriously in ministering or witnessing to those who may not know Christ or who may not be saved? Are you a good leader? Do you dress the part and if so does your heart reflect the heart of Christ? All of these fall under characteristic traits of having modesty. Modesty is not just a characteristic trait for women but it is a characteristic trait for men too. It’s a humbling experience. Operate in your character of modesty!

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