PRAYER: Lord allow us to see past the storm clouds in our lives. Give us the “Son” to shine brightly through the rain. Let our minor set backs be major set ups for a more promising future.

VERSE OF THE DAY: Psalm 30:5

Have you ever been well off and flourishing in all areas of your life? You became well established in your life, with everything at your finger tips and all of a sudden you lose it all. With a blink of an eye, you lose everything that you worked hard to build. You never would have thought that the storm clouds would roll your way. You never would have thought that the sun wouldn’t shine again. You go through so many ups and downs trying to piece back together the memories that have since been shattered. You feel like your life is over and for some of you, you may even want to end it. BUT WAIT A MINUTE….

God has this phenomenal way of taking the broken and shattered pieces whether right or wrong and He works it out for our good. God steps in and He begins to stitch together and mend together that which has been torn. He has a way of taking into consideration all of your past hurts, failures, and mishaps and rebuilding them alongside of you brick by brick. You are not alone and truth be told you were never alone. There was just a really huge storm cloud that covered you from the “Son”. While you were unable to hear Him through the thunder (your own thoughts, issues, and problems) and the pouring down of the rain, He was able to hear you when you prayed. He was able to give you everything that you wanted or needed after that storm cloud passed you by.

Once He begins to see your beautiful face again full of so much emotions, He gently will ask you what is it that you have learned? If nothing else you should have learned that you are much stronger than you were when you started. You should be fluent in patience and waiting. You should have gained endurance and perseverance. You should be at the peak of gaining. You see, what seems like a huge lost is really only a minor set back that was created by God to be a major set up. A set up for a brighter future and a more promising tomorrow. Life is very precious. You must keep a positive mind set and rid yourself of any negative chatter that would discourage you from seeing the big picture.

The big picture is that there is a brighter tomorrow and a more promising future for you. You simply must endure and gain patience. You say, it’s been a very long time. Well start asking God questions (people say not to but a child always ask their parents questions and you are Gods child) and reevaluating yourself. It could very well not at all be you but God waiting to position you at His divine timing.

So be encouraged this week knowing that the storm clouds are just that, storm clouds. The “Son” you’ve been looking for is right on the other side watching your every move and cheering you on with a radiant smile. You can make it through this, it’s simply a storm cloud. It’s not the end of the world, especially not your own world. Have faith, believe, and know that God has a promising future being prepared just for you. Sometimes it’s not even you, sometimes it’s other people who God desires to use who don’t quite have it all together themselves (minor set back). So pray for them and watch your storm clouds roll away.

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