PRAYER: Lord don’t let anger be the acid that destroys our vessel. Instead work through us and help us to get through our anger. Mend every broken relationship that’s been destroyed due to anger.

VERSE OF THE DAY: 2 John 1:8

As I sit here and try to figure out a topic to speak about it dawned on me that I never really dealt with the topic anger. Mark Twain has a quote (and if you know anything about me then you know I like my quotes) that reads as follows:

When I read the above quote it really made me sit and think about all of the times I was angry. This quote was absolutely right! How often do we get angry at someone and they probably don’t even have a clue that we are angry with them? How often do we get bad news that angers our hearts? How often do we get angry because we can’t have our way? How often does something happen on the job, in school,  or at home and we get angry about it?  We then take this anger with us to these places and in the process run into someone we know and we let them have it. Why? Because they just happen to be the ones that you can put your anger out on. They are the ones who deserve your anger the most? Right? No. It’s wrong.

Anger should not attach itself to you to the point that you are walking around dripping acid on to people. Yes, acid because acid destroys and eats away at everything that it touches. Everytime you get angry and you interact with someone harboring that anger your mouth, your words, your demeanor, it all becomes harmful to the person or people you are coming in contact with. Not only does it destroy and hurt others but it mainly destroys and hurts you. You are the vessel that the acid is working through. When you should be a vessel that God works through.

So before the acid has a chance to come close to destroying anyone else it has already destroyed you. How? I’m glad you asked. Well first of all God is not in acid because God does not destroy people and things that he loves. He may chasten you but He is not in the destroying business. Next, anger will ruin not only your entire day on account of your mood but it will ruin others day. It is destructive behavior. It destroys relationships, it destroys atmospheres, it destroys your prayer life with God. Yes! It makes it hard for you to even speak to God. You will hear people say that they are mad with God at the moment. Which is another way of saying I have a temper tantrum because I couldn’t have my way. Yes, I’m talking to you and me too!

Anger does so much damage. It will cause you to miss so many blessings and so many opportunities. So don’t harbor anger. Don’t let it resonate in your vessel. Instead pray and ask God, even if you are angry with Him, ask Him to come into your vessel and to neutralize and cleanse away that acid called anger. Ask Him to neutralize and cleanse away all of the residue and the damage from the acid so that He can freely work in and through you. You do not have to walk around angry, simply let it go. Destroying yourself and others is just not worth it!



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