IMG_3515PRAYER: Lord thank you for coming to see about us and meeting us at our deepest need and in our darkest hour. Allow our lives to be healed and restored, transformed, and renewed through our praise for You. Please accept the oils from our Alabaster box.

VERSE OF THE DAY: Mark 14:3-9

IMG_3519You don’t know the cost of the oil and you don’t know the cost of my praise in my Alabaster box. As I listen and reflect on this song I find myself seeing a reflection of my heart troubled, in a disarray, overwhelmed, restless, discouraged, malnourished, wanting to quit, wanting to give up, crying tear after tear. I had to lay down my life and I had to sacrifice so much over the past few years of my walk with Christ. Allow me to encourage you, there will be moments when you can’t see where you are going but you know where you have come from. You feel and know deep inside your heart you are not standing alone. You know deep in your heart you are not in this thing by yourself. You have walked through the valley’s you have been through the storms and the rains. Your latter days of greater are going to reflect the very thing in which you are going through.
IMG_3518You don’t have to justify anything to anyone, you don’t have to try to explain anything to anyone, you don’t have to try to answer the questions to the unanswered. All you simply need to do is find that place of rest, eat, and replenish your mind, body, and soul. God will bring you to that place, to the land that has your name on it. Are you finding yourself a little more snappier than usual? Are you losing your patience with everything and with everybody? Are you having moments and spurts of frustration? It very well maybe that it is all on account of you not taking the time to shy away from the noise. You have to gravitate further and further away from the very thing that troubles your heart and your mind. You have to find a place of uninterrupted peace. You have to get into that place and just stay there while asking God to come down and see about you. God, come down and meet me in this tough place. Only God can touch the depths of your soul and begin to restore that which is damaged and that which is broken.

You have to give God thanks knowing that your bad days are considered to be a good day through the eyes of someone else. You don’t have to keep trying to fix that in which is broken or that which no longer has life. Stop trying to resuscitate that thing and leave it dead. You must take a moment to just pause and know that God is working it out for your good. God will bring you out of something just to bring you into something that is more promising and more fulfilling. All you have to do is just hold your peace, give Him praise, and keep your mind stayed on Him. From your lips and from your tongue let words of adoration and words of thankfulness pour forth as you lay at His feet. Allow yourself the opportunity to receive the tools that are necessary to take you to the next place in which He is equipping you.

IMG_3517During this season allow yourself to regain the strength and the certainty that is needed in order to work it out. Yes you are at this point experienced enough to work it out. You were capable of walking in this thing. Now you will be capable of walking out of this tough place with the substance that you need to sustain your call and your purpose, your gifts and your talents. He is allowing you to take the cards that life has dealt to you and play them one by one knowing with confidence that the Joker is already defeated and you have already won. So I encourage you to not be so quick to judge someone else’s life and how they don’t do it all just right. You are a mere reflection of that same person you are so quick to judge. Your life is not perfect and I’m sure you needed a whole lot of God’s mercy to cover you at one time in your life. Instead pray and ask God to help them get it all right as they find rest and peace right at the very place where God is meeting them. You never know when the day may come where God will have to meet you, for some of you He may have to meet with you yet again.

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