PRAYER: Lord allow us to have patience in waiting as we are in the pit. Allow us to see that this is not our destination but that it is a stepping stone to where we are going. Take that which is temporary and use it for our good.

VERSE OF THE DAY: Psalm 40:2

Have you ever woke up and looked around and said to yourself, “I am not supposed to be here” or “This isn’t how I imagined it?” At some point in our lives we all feel like we are in this place called the pit. A temporary place that seems like it has a long lasting purpose. What if it does? What if the pit you are in is for a major purpose? How could this be so? Do you think Joseph the dreamer would have thought that he would have ended up in the palace? If he would not have been in the pit at the right place at the right time he would have never been escorted into his future. He would have never made it to his purpose in life.

IMG_3500Being in a pit can feel like it is the most awful and the most dreadful place to be. Is it really? Sure it is full of mud, dark, moist, and simply uncomfortable. But what if the pit was right where you needed to be? What if the pit was the place you needed to go to receive a heart of humility? What if the pit is where God wanted to speak to you the most? Don’t get discouraged because of where you are but get excited about where you are going. God has an amazing plan and future for you and you have to trust that he will get you there despite how your circumstances and situation look. Joseph was destined to be in the palace but it took him being placed into the pit in order to reach his destination.

I encourage you today not to be so hard on the pit. More so take the time to meditate and learn your purpose in the pit. Sometimes the purpose is to simply wait until someone comes and reaches out their hand to pull you up out of it. For others it may be to gain not only patience but to understand the point and principle of waiting. Know that your situation is only temporary. You don’t have to make this your permanent place. Take a moment to really think about where you are. Ask God to give you the patience as you wait on Him. Remember your pit is only temporary and that where God is about to take you far exceeds where you are at the moment.

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