IMG_3224PRAYER:  Lord don’t allow our sins and temptations to overshadow who we are in and through You. Give us the strength to break addictions and habits that are not healthy for us. Break every chain that is holding us back from You.

VERSE OF THE DAY: 1 Corinthians 10:13

There is nothing better than the touch from God. So often we go through things that causes us to be broken or chained down from the purpose that we are suppose to fulfill here in the earth. God will come in and He will turn things around for you. He will break the chains of addiction and bad habits. He will heal and mend your broken heart. He will restore you and allow you to rebuild again. You may have some scars and some bruises but you can be healed and released from that which holds you down. Don’t settle for letting things in life that are not the greatest for you overtake and overshadow you. You are able to pull through this.

IMG_3440God has a way of pouring His spirit out upon His children. When we call out to Him He hears our cry. He doesn’t leave us for dead but He comes down to our rescue. He desires for you to get through your circumstances. God is not a God that desires for you to be bound. He doesn’t want you to be bound spiritually, mentally, or emotionally. He desires for you to be whole in and through Him. Break out of those chains, bad habits, and addictions and begin to step into the presence of God. Align your heart and your mind with the things that please Him.

IMG_3438Stay away from the temptations that are around. Get up out of that environment that is poisonous to your system or unhealthy for your life. You don’t have to stay there. Staying there is a choice that you are making on your own. Weigh out your options and ask God to help you find a way of escape and other alternatives that will draw you closer to Him. Pray for the right people to come into your life and into your space that influence you accordingly. You are one step away from your breakthrough and being set free. Allow God to break every chain that is in your life.



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