PRAYER: Lord allow us to flow and to learn how to live inside of Your will. Reveal to us the gift of peace that you have given for both our minds and hearts. Do not let us become distracted by the whys and why nots.

VERSE OF THE DAY: John 14:27, Isaiah 64:8

IMG_3310Have you ever been at a place where you wanted to ask God why? Why has this happened to me? Why is this like so? Why are you putting me through this? Why are you specifically picking on me? Why are you punishing me? If we are honest with ourselves asking God why doesn’t really solve anything. Deep in our hearts we sometimes actually know the answers to our own questions, even if it’s an answer we don’t desire to hear. We don’t desire to accept the realities of our situation or our circumstances. Sometimes our own realities of the matter are just too hard to bear.

Let me encourage you to come to a place of peace within your heart. How might you ask? You must come to a place of peace by letting go of the things you cannot change. Some of you may say you are working on that change while others of you may say enough change has already happened. Questioning God is not always the right pawn to move on the board or in this game called life. Sometimes operating and moving in the flow of God is far more better than anything. It saves you time, effort, and energy from asking the whys and the why nots.

IMG_3311Sometimes it is meant for you not to find out the answers to your questions until the challenge is completely over. Your feathers maybe ruffled a little because this is all new to you but you must know that things will get better. A year or two from now you will be dealing with something that makes you laugh at the realities of your circumstances now and that makes you see that the peace of God is what has kept you from losing your mind. So stop questioning God and get into the GodFlow of things. What is the GodFlow? Thanks for asking. It is you simply going with the flow of everything that’s happening, accepting the peace of God, and knowing that you are specifically at the right place at the right time. God has his hands upon you and there is no better place to be then within the Potters hands. So no more questions, simply peace and GodFlow!


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