PRAYER: Lord allow our day to be full of simplicity. Remove from our load that which is complicated. Provide short cuts and save us time to do other things.

VERSE OF THE DAY: 2 King 5:9-14


Let’s keep it simple and get straight to the point (read the above verse for clarity). When you desire something such as healing like Naaman, would you rather be told by a prophet, such as Elijah, to do something easy or to do something difficult? Why is it that when it came down to healing, Naaman expected his healing to be complex?

We somehow bypass the concept that things can be done with simplicity. Sometimes it’s so simple that it’s too good to be true. We somehow don’t expect a shorter or simpler way to solving that which seems so difficult to do on our own. The beauty about this story is that it didn’t take much for Naaman to be healed. It was something he could handle doing on his own with the proper instructions. It was short, simple, and straight to the point.

So throughout your day do not focus on the things that are complex instead focus on that which is simple. Take a few minutes to thank God for not making everything in your life or even throughout your day difficult. Instead enjoy your days and moments of simplicity!

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