Can I be brutally honest? I was sitting here wrecking my brain trying to figure out what I wanted to write in this here blog. As I sat and pondered my mind came up with so many different things. As a Christian woman I wanted this blog to be spiritual and I wanted it to reflect Christ. I wanted to start this blog off in the headings with a scripture stating:

“Oh, taste and see that the Lord is good; Blessed is the man who trusts in Him (Psalm 34:8, NKJV).”

It sounds good right? Well at least I thought it sound good. So often I try to just sit and figure out what I desire to say to my audience. If I even have an audience? I so need an emoji face right about now! I sit and try to be so spiritual when in all actuality. I don’t need to be. I just need to do what I do best. I simply just need to be me.

So you remember that scripture above that I was going to make sound holier than thou. With “thists” and “thusts” (as you can see I don’t even know if I spelled that right.) This is not Shakespeare and I am not Juliet so I simply am not going to try to be. I am simply here to tell you to meditate on this scripture above today, as you go throughout your day.

Take a moment to trust God today. Simply see if you can count how many things that you can find good in your life. Let me simply ask you this, can you taste and see it? If so, pass this along and share the things that you simply could taste and see in regards to what God has done for you.

Meanwhile, I will be working on trying to figure out how to simply use this blog. If I post another one up here anytime soon you will know that I am getting the hang of things. Do me a favor and help me to not be an audience of one. Me, myself, and I. That is such an epic fail. Anywho, have an awesome kind of day, share this with your friends, and share with me what you taste and saw, or tasted and seen, or taste and see. Well, you get the picture!

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