Ecclesiastes 7_25PRAYER: Lord allow our hearts to seek your counsel when we can’t seem to find our way. Help us to not be foolish in our own ways of doing things but to be wise enough to seek You. Give us the answers that we need.

VERSE OF THE DAY: Ecclesiastes 7:25

Have you ever found yourself trying to figure it all out? You know, trying to figure out how you are going to handle and maintain everything throughout your day. Often times we think about it so much that before you know it we have tapped into some form of unintentional anxiety that shouldn’t even exist. Trying to figure out the big picture instead of trying to piece together the small piece of the puzzle one piece at a time. We find ourselves trying to tackle it all when in all actuality it’s more than what we truly can bare. We never consider how God must feel about the situation at hand. We neglect His thoughts and opinions concerning the matter. Then it finally hits us. We are doing just entirely too much at once. That is when we try to come to the point where we need to get organized and strategize and we still have yet to ask God how He feels about it all. Wisdom

I encourage you today that when you are feeling a little lost or confused in what you should be doing or in what direction you should be going, take a little time to read your word. You would be so surprised at how often I find myself trying to figure it all out and God will take me to a scripture or scenario in the bible that can speak into my situation. God has the answers for you. It is just a matter of you knowing who to run to when you are feeling overwhelmed, lost, confused, depressed, or just tired. God has you covered in so many ways but it is a matter of you realizing that you need Him. You need God daily to get you through the ups and downs of life. Once you realize this  you will see that God is right there waiting for you. So stop trying to be wise and figure it out on your own. Instead be wise and allow God to figure it all out for you. Besides, it’s already done. You serve a wise and all knowing God. Allow Him to do it for you.

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