PRAYER: Lord pour into us as we desire more of you. Fill us up during our times of vulnerability.

VERSE OF THE DAY: Psalm 81:10

Staying connected to people who can pour into you and strengthen you when you are vulnerable is something that we all need. Friends who you can be vulnerable with and rely on have a tendency to make a huge impact and difference in ones life. As you continue on your journey think about those who pour into you on a consistent basis. Ask yourself if you are filling up someone else’s cup or are you allowing your own cup to be filled throughout the week?

Allowing others to pour into us is great but what is even greater is allowing God to pour into us. We can never be too busy to allow the Holy Spirit to fill us up. Take the time to allow positive words and affirmation pour into your heart and mind. Allow your soul to be strengthened and empowered through the word of God. Allow God to show you what He has spoken over your life during that time of vulnerability. He sees and knows and desires to set you on the path to being fulfilled.

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