PRAYER: Lord we are so grateful to celebrate Kwanzaa with you on our hearts and minds. Teach us each meaning daily as we grow to be more like You.
VERSE OF THE DAY: Galatians 6:1-2

Kwanzaa is here! So far we are on our third day which is Ujima which means Collective work and responsibility. December 26th began our Kwanzaa celebration. It is not another religion but it is an opportunity for those who are from the African culture to explore their roots and where it is that they come from. We are to light seven candles each day beginning the day after Christmas that represent a particular meaning. The first two days were Umoja which means Unity. The second day is one of my favorites Kujichagulia which means Self-Determination.

Today is Ujima which means Collective work and responsibility. It is so important that we work together collectively. Although this holiday is tailored to the African community it doesn’t negate anyone’s responsibility of being a good neighbor and treating one another with respect. You are your brother’s keeper especially as Christians. Christ believed in working collectively with his disciples as well as taking responsibility for his neighbors in healing them. He was also responsible in teaching and raising up disciples within His community.  

Christ understood that He could not accomplish His Father’s will on His own and needed a team. Team work is what helps us to work collectively and on one accord with the same mind. So today take the time to work at Ujima and find what it means to you. Then sip from the cup of unity and ask others around you what Ujima means to them. You may learn something new about the people you love and care about the most.

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