PRAYER: Lord help us to be less selfish and more selfless. Help us to think more about others than just about ourselves. Let Jesus be seen and heard through us.

VERSE OF THE DAY: Philippians 2:3

You ever gone through embarrassment or humiliation on account of someone not having their facts straight? I mean I’m not talking about just a little. I mean they are so in left field that it’s not even funny. I’ve experienced this before and let’s just say that it was such a disaster, only to find out that someone totally misinterpreted what you were saying (usually out of their own guilty or faulty conscious) and really took it entirely too far and over the top. Leaving you with a pile of mess to try and fix and clean up. Thank goodness I am gifted in organizing and fixing things or it would just be awful for so many depending on the situation.

Why is it that people only think about themselves and never think about whether or not what they are doing will hurt others? Why do people have this tendency to only focus on them? I mean as Christians it is our duty and obligation to love and serve others. I believe so many of us have fallen by the wayside with all of this. It totally bothers me but I can only imagine how God may feel within. How can we be the only Jesus that people see if all we do is think about ourselves and what works best for us. Why must we not include our brothers and sisters in Christ in where we are going? We must work at being less selfish and more selfless. Ask God to help you with this as you move onward throughout your day.

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