PRAYER: Lord help us during these unexpected setbacks. During this critical period help us to be strong. Help us to pass the TEST OF FAITH as we stand on Your word and promises.

VERSE OF THE DAY: Isaiah 55:11

Black stallions are one of my favorite horses. There dark black coats shine with such luster making it hard to not see their beauty. God hears our prayers of brokenness and we are riding high on our black stallion as He blesses us. Often times we may have been in our prayer closets and have asked God to bless us with a miracle or to fulfill a promise.  There may come a time when you will begin to see things lining up with what you may have prayed over. You then reach a pivotal moment full of excitement and joy in your progress and out of no where the wind knocks you off of your high horse, that gorgeous black stallion. 

You fall to the ground in shock at what has just happened. You have just witnessed a setback. No longer are you making the progress that you were making before. In fact you declined rather rapidly. You had no time to redeem yourself. You had no time to pull it together. You had no time to think about any mistakes, past failures, bad decisions or choices. All you know is that one minute you were riding high and the next minute you were no longer riding but falling.

It is during that time that you are being tested by God to see if you still believe the words that He spoke to you. He wants to know do you believe His promises are of truth and that it can apply to your life effectively. God desires for you to succeed in your visions and your dreams but He does not want you to forget where it is that you come from. You know, that area of pain and brokenness that you had and are now delivered. Brokenness that led you down to the alter on your knees.

He wants to know if you are holding on to His words. Do you have the faith the size of a mustard seed? Do you believe that if you put forth the hard work and effort that God will bring to pass what your heart desires? Be encouraged during this critical period during your storm. Understand that it is only a test of your faith. Stand firm and be strong, believing in God’s every word as you face your TEST OF FAITH.  

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