PRAYER: Lord help us to see that you are the one who CONNECTS THE DOTS in our lives. Allow us to be strengthened as we wait with expectation for our season.

VERSE OF THE DAY: Psalm 138:8
As you go through life you often times you wonder why things turned out the way that they did. Did you do something wrong? Did you make the wrong choice or bad decision? Was it even your fault to begin with? After some time you will begin to realize that your steps are ordered by the Lord more than you may have thought beforehand. As you begin to CONNECT THE DOTS you will find that through every season there lies a purpose. Whether the purpose is a lesson learned or to give God all of the glory. 

Today, as we approach the holidays some of us have lost a loved one earlier this year, some of us have to cook for several others, and others of us just have to be; be encouraged knowing that everything happens for a reason. Your season is coming for what it is that you desire in your heart. Sure you may not have it right now and you may not get it tomorrow, but with a little faith your time is coming. Be encouraged knowing that your seasons, chapters, series of life events are all in the Masters hands, as you continue to CONNECT THE DOTS. 

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