PRAYER: Lord allow us to LET THE MUSIC PLAY (worship) as we release all of our emotions into You. Make us whole in and through Christ.

VERSE OF THE DAY: Psalm 126:5

How often do we let stress get the best of us? How often do we get a chance to release all of the tension that is within our bodies? Majority of us with busy schedules have to take a few hours for ourselves but during those few hours we must be relaxed enough to get refueled and refreshed. Have you ever considered worship music? Have you ever considered to LET THE MUSIC PLAY? I mean take a few hours in Gods presence, lifting your hands, and letting the music flood your heart and soul. Don’t be surprised if you feel the tears fall down your face. Don’t be surprised if all of that tension releases through those tears. So often we hold everything inside. We let it bottle up until one day we literally explode and sometimes we haven’t a clue why it is we have done so. It’s because we don’t cry enough! Naturally we have tears whether it’s from pain or from laughter. We simply don’t cry enough either way, this is what will release all of that tension that you feel within.   

Tears are what bring about healing and restoration to the human soul if you were to cry. What if I said you should cry everyday? Whether they are good tears or bad tears. How many of us would say that we are beyond backed up? Well what if I say we should cry once a week? Once a month maybe? I guarantee majority of us would fall in between the weeks or the month on bad tears (pain, sorrows) versus good tears (laughing hysterically). Either way we simply don’t cry it out enough. Who says a man shouldn’t cry? Are you not human? Do you not breath and feel pain just like women do? Let’s get rid of these myths and false lies like so and let’s begin to get into the presence of God and allow Him to restore us back from brokenness to wholeness through our tears. God loves you and truthfully doesn’t desire for any of us to live bottled up with emotions. He wants us to release them in a good and healthy way. So be encouraged to cry it out and LET THE MUSIC PLAY!

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