PRAYER: Lord surround us with people who genuinely love and care for us. Allow us to dismiss that in which doesn’t belong during this season of our lives.

VERSE OF THE DAY: Ecclesiastes 3:1

Life is just not the same without the ones you love. This is so true. Life feels great when you are surrounded by people who support and honor you and your dreams. Find people in your life who are not afraid to seek God on your behalf. Find people who will praise God alongside of you and pray with you. You ought to surround yourself with people who care to celebrate you in your accomplishments and endeavors.

Think about those who are in your space.  Determine whether or not they should stay or whether or not they should be dismissed from your area of peace. God created seasons for a reason and there are times when some peoples seasons are up, done, and over with. Be around those who love you and will lift you up for the better. SURROUND YOURSELF around the ones you love.

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