PRAYER: Papa make us “A House of Prayer” and don’t let the fire of our alters burn out.
VERSE OF THE DAY: Isaiah 56:7

There is a song that is out by Eddie James and Jayna Cullens called “A House of Prayer”. So often we desire for God to bless us with our own living space or provide us with the money for a new home. Some of us desire to do renovations or fixer uppers but we never ask God to make us “A House of Prayer”. Prayer is important in our lives because we commune with God. We are intimate with Him at a different level. Our prayers cause atmospheres to shift. Lives are able to be restored and renewed. Bodies are able to receive full recovery through your prayers. God hears you just when you think He doesn’t. The tabernacle and the alter is you. God lives and dwells inside of you. Burning in you is a consuming Holy Ghost fire. So you must let that fire burn day and night, night and day. As you go through your day ask God while you pray to make you “A House of Prayer”.


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