PRAYER: Lord allow us to propel into our destiny. Send us the right people who will take the time to help us in fulfilling our destiny.

VERSE OF THE DAY: Habakkuk 2:3

Have you ever been so into your level of creativity that you were determined to figure things out or how to get it done no matter what? You ever get tired of depending on unreliable people who said they would assist you? Often times you may find yourself not knowing how to do something and needing some further assistance. It is in those moments that you should pray and ask God to reveal to you that in which you don’t know. I personally ask God to show me things that would better help me and assist me along the way.

Does He ever show me things? Absolutely. He doesn’t just show me but He takes the time to walk me step by step on how to do it and gives me further instructions on how not to do something. Sometimes it is through trial and error and other times not so much. God has a way of revealing things to me that others may not have the time or really care to do so. Be very careful of those who are not willing to teach you or share with you things that will better propel you into your destiny. Ask God to send you the right people and training tools to better assist you in being all that God has called you to be. Don’t feel defeated. Stay encouraged knowing that God will provide for you and give you everything that you need to get further ahead. So no matter what happens or how tough it maybe do whatever it takes to learn so that God can propel you into your destiny!

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