PRAYER: Lord allow us to not look back. You gave us the strength to leave now give us the strength to move forward.

VERSE OF THE DAY: Galatians 5:1

Allowing your spirit to be free is something that we speak about but not something that we practice on a daily bases. There is freedom from addictions, bad habits, abuse, violence & more. We must recognize that being bound is not in the plans God has for us.  He desires for us to be free in and through Him even when we go through those dry and desert like seasons. Our hearts must believe and be engulfed with His heart. True freedom lies in God. I encourage you today to break free from whatever chains are holding you down.

Seek professional help if necessary. Seeking help does not make you a weak person but a strong individual. It says that you acknowledge where you stand, you are not afraid of the future, your no longer bound by your past, and that you love yourself and others around you enough to be the best version of you that you possibly can be. Break free, live free, and be free. Don’t allow your mind and heart to be bound any longer. Start a new and get through this dry season for there is and always will be hope. Find your freedom starting today. Whatever you decide to do, DON’T GO BACK! 

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