PRAYER: Lord allow us to remember that you created the gift of SMILES for those not so good days. Allow our SMILES to be contagious.

VERSE OF THE DAY: Proverbs 15:13

Every day that you arise is a moment for you to say thank you to God. Despite of what you maybe going through, He allowed you to see one more beautiful day. I encourage you today to SMILE through it all. When the storm seems like it is raging or if you simply just feel burnt out, simply SMILE. You have one more day to feel that pain or you have one more day to feel the rain. While it doesn’t sound pleasing, the point is you get to experience life one more time. No matter what, the sun will come out again and it will shine bright for you. Just ask God to allow you the opportunity to see it. So get up, get going, shake of the heavy burdens, and use this terrific day to practice your SMILE. Let it have some meaning behind it. Make it count. You never know who you may just rub off on! #SMILE

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